Pre-Order Close Date

10 June 2021

Estimated Arrival Date

PRE-ORDER NOW, ETA 30th July 2021


How can I order any IKEA product not listed on your website?

  • Then send the sku number or product link to our support team, we will provide quotation and ETA as soon as possible.

What's the Pre-order time schedule?

It usually takes 5~6 weeks from the pre-order close date for the stock to arrive in our store.  Please kindly refer to the top "pre-order schedule" for our next container shipment’s Estimated Arrival Date (ETA) and Pre-Order Close Date.

How to pay the Pre-order?

  • When you decide to go ahead with our quote, we will require only a 30% deposit for this if you would like us to order it.
  • Please make sure your orders are paid before the pre-order close date so that your order will be included in our next purchase order cycle.
  • The balance will be paid when you pick up or be ready to delivery.

How can I know my pre order already been accepted?

  • Before you pay the deposit, we will check the stock with IKEA . If it is available, we will send the confirmation email and then you can pay the deposit. It means your Pre-order has been accepted after we receive your deposit.
  • If the stock is unavailable, we will send the cancellation email, which means your Pre-order was not accepted.

Key point:

  • We understand it's important that you get your products as quick as possible. Please understand that many things could delay your order, for example, customs inspection, container x-rays, bad weather etc.   If we know there is a delay we will post the delay notice on our "Pre-Order Service" page and will email you with the updated delivery time. 
  • We will use our best endeavors to procure the product however If the products you want are discontinued or temporarily out of stock due to unforeseen reasons, we will contact you as soon as we can to provide you with alternative options.  In a situation, if we can’t fulfill your order and you wish to cancel the order, no worries, you can simply let us know and we will refund you for that item back to your account.
  • Accepted Pre-order can not be cancelled. If you still want to cancel the accepted Pre-order, the deposit will not be refunded.

Any further questions please call 09 2223355 or contact us.